Voice of the drum is calling us outside, farside...

There is a gathering on a hillside, gathering moving on.

Firewood is burning, gather closer and join the tribe

We are one body and we are one soul.

Ref.: Vei! Vei" 
Praise the earth and the older world.

There I met you, two wonderlust lovers, let it shine.
Passion is like seering embers I did find my rhyme.

Drop the weight from your shoulders and rest tonight.

There was a time to go and now its time to lay down.

3. You and me

You and me

Across the centuries our passion will burn.

Even the children of the children of the man will speak about our return.

You and me

We were there ages ago but we passed away.

Gods decided to put us back on board to play our roles again.

You and me and me and you, like many times before and this one too and fate, it's never realy far away...

You and me

Chase among the trees then we lie on the ground,

Under the shadow of the Horned one, to seal our love around.

You and me

Was it just a dream? To wake would I dare? 
Open my eyes in the morning next to you to see that you're still there

5. Warmachine

Gather all around the fire, there is something evil in its light.

One word whispered by the wind, raise your arms prepare to fight.

Enemy behind the gates, they keep marching on and on

Time to sharpen our blades, our spirit never fall.

Now we're standing on a field, watching masses on the other side.

In our hearts no place for fear to the slaughter we will ride.

Warmachine a roaring beast, fangs are dripping bloody from the sky.

On a lives today it feasts, as it grows were bound to die.

If I lose my sould to fire, keep my candle burning still.

When the smoke is rising higher, we are out there for a kill.

Rise my brothers in arms, trample down their bodies to the ground.

Gather up and hold the line, to fly our banner we are bound.

Kill your foe and keep your life, blood is slowly soaking to the land.

Take their lives to survive, victorious in the end.

Falling, my body hits the ground.

Heart in my chest still pound.

Waiting for final strike to come.

Tell me what did we become.

I have lost my soul to fire, will you help me through the still?

Bodies burning on the pyre, sorry love I had to kill.

6. Free

When I'm gone don't cry for me

In a peace now I will be.

Light the candle for my soul

To find a way to get back home.

Don't you dare to sit and weep

Get some rest go get some sleep.

On the road the crows will moan

You'll have to walk the way back home.

Ref.:It doesn't matter where you bury me

The bones will rot and I'll be free.

When the shovels kiss the ground

I won't be anywhere around.

And the dirt will start to fall
It won't be me not here anymore.

Think of me while I am gone

From the dusk until the dawn.

And then it will start to rain

That come to wash all the tears away.

8. Exodus

New era dawns as another age ends, it's time to move from this cursed barren land.

Gods have abandoned this all hallowed ground, time comes to move, new home to be found

We buried our dead, earth soaked with their blood. Remains of the battle let them rot in mud.

We mourn the fallen and keep them in heart, they will be with us no matter how far.

Gather around, it's time to march on

Gather around it's time to move on.

Sad little girl, she's now left alone. Her loved one stays while she's go for new home.

No need to cry, what would it be for? Gods will let us to play our part once more.

Funeral pyre, smoke rise up to sky. Hallowed we were and we're wondering why.
Dryghtyn please guide us and find us new place, we'll follow your lead and keep up tha pace.

9. Little Paddy

Hey, little Paddy where you go today, you're looking kind of pale and you're not okay.
"I am going from me job and heading to a pub, there I'm gonna drink 'till I drop.

Hey little Paddy, what is going on? Your wife is asking all around? 
Someone gave her black eye, there's no one to blame and you're nowhere to be found.

Hey little Paddy, what is with that rope? You're looking like a man who has lost all hope.

Why you're coming back? You did not had a stones, who broke your wife her bones?

There little Paddy is thinking through. Now what to do? Now what to do?

Rope in his hand, stone in his heart, to finish what he started.

Ref.: Hey, it's time to greet new dawn. It's time to greet new day.

Broken shell of a broken man with a broken soul doin' everything he can... Hey Ho! It's time to greet new dawn.

Hey little Paddy, are you better man? Are you newly born, doin' best you can? 
There's a lot to make up, redemption ain't cheap. The hole you're in is deep.

Look little Paddy who is standing there? Knife in your chest, blood is everywhere.
Your wife had her way, so you got a knife. Get better in the afterlife.

10. Bealtaine Fires

See the flames, as they soar so high.

Feel the burn growing in your heart.

Take her hand and head to the woods,

chase it down, let the dance begin. 

Bealtaine fires light up sky in the night...

Lay la la hey hey! Na na na!

Dancing naked for the gods.

Lay la la hey hey! Na na na!

Showers in rain...

It is time to greet summer sun. Making love, two becomes the one.

Memories, put them in a chest. Season new, abandon the rest.

For fourty-four clovers she gave me her heart. Ring at the bottom of the river.

11. Old Johnny

I am not a big thinker, drinker, and I'm not alway talking from my mind. 
I jus want to say I am only of my kind.

I don't care why you don't care? I can't even make you thinking.

Sometimes I am lost here by my own.

One, two, three Old Johnny goes.
Four, five, six like he seen a ghost.

Seven, eight, nine glasses in a line. 
All I got to do is drink and smile

I am searching for a God at the bottom of my glass.

I am drinking whiskey so I am a sort of a different class.

I don't care why you don't care? I can't even make you thinking.

Sometimes I am lost here by my own.

It's time to rise my bottom and wake up from this chore. 
I don't want to live sober, been there but nevermore...

12. Ride On

True you ride a finest horse I have ever seen,

Standing 16 1 or 2 with eyes wild and green.

You ride the horse so well, hands light to the touch

I could never go with you no matter how I wanted to.

Ride on! See you! I could never go with you no matter how I wanted to.

You ride into the night without a trace behind

Run your claw along my gut one last time.

I turn my face to an empty space where you used to lie

And look for a spark to light the night with a teardrop in my eye.


1. Whisky Trail

Another shitty morning,

another working day

Check again me wallet,

got plenty things to pay

Well, something has to happen

for miracle I pray

Is that it? Fuck my life! 
Got to take away! 

Girlfriend is so boring

She wouldn't shut her mouth

With nothing much to tell

She's always so aloud

My family are assholes

Have to find a way

Well is that it? Fuck my life! 
Got to take away!

Ref.: Take me away to the land of the free

Take me away where I am meant to be

On a whisky trail, island on the sea

Redheads, whisky, pubs and being free

2.Such is life

Youre five years old, for all you know

The world is at your feet

People smile when you arrive

You are king of your little street

But in the school the teacher asks

"Hey fella! How you're called?"

To find the answer 'bout who you are

Is just like growing old

Youre tewnty-two, fresh out of school

Major in music arts

You shoot for fame, you got to rule

And screw all those old farts

But there's no band that understands

Your genius way to play

So you end up in a grocery store

Cause there are some bills to pay

Ref.: Such is life, take it or leave it

Where you're now you see it clearly

'Till your death not gonna stop

Take what you get or just fuck off!

You're thirty-three two kids and wife

And mortgage on your neck

You feel like you were led astray

But "Hey man, what the heck"?

You cook, You clean, You serve your queen

You even walk her dog

The queen of whores who want divorce

Cause of some other fuck

You're fifty-four fresh out of jail

No work no place to sleep

You never thought that out of dough

You ever sink so deep

So you play cigar box guitar

And sing out all your fate

Some rich kids clap and some old chap

Throw penny on your plate

3. I never walk around by

She was waiting for me by the riverside

For a love she cried her blue eyes out

She was there just like the every other night

But I never walk around by

Whispered all her wishes to the willow tree

Heart was bleeding hollow silently

Shattered image in a water stream

But I never walk around by

I went to the war to fight for my home

She prayed for me while I was gone

She was waiting for me under willow tree

But I never walk around by

Now the willow's weeping

to the water stream

Teary blue eyes sunken to the sea

No one stood around to witness her scream

Cause I never walk around by

4. Star of a County down

Near Bandridge Town in the County Down

One morning in last July

Came from boreen green

Like a sweet colleen

And she smiled as she passed me by

She looked so sweet from her two bare feet

To the sheen of her copper red hair

Such a coaxing elf I had to shake myslef

To be sure she was standing there

Ref.: From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay

And from Galway to Dublin Town

No maid I've seen like the sweet colleen
That I met in the County Down

At the harvest fair she'll be surely there

So I dress in my Sunday clothes

With my shoes shine bright

And my hat cocked right

For the smile of a copper red rose

No pipe l'll smoke no horse I'll yoke

Till my plough turns rust coloured brown

Till a smiling bride by my fireside

Sits the star of the County Down

5. Radio Edith

It's been a while

since I've last seen my daddy-o

Lived with my mom, she had no helping hand

But then one day I turned on the radio

And he spoke there, frontman of a band.

He said his band is heading here for a gig

First one after eleven long years

I want to meet him,

though mother says he's a pig

He'll come back if I tell him 'bout her tears.

Ref.:Mornings are cold leaves on trees wither

My mother cries as she hears daddy's song

I would have known him if he stayed with her

I want to meet him so well...

How is that wrong?

Stars were bright

when I sneaked out that evening

And bought a ticket for lunch money saved

Slipped to first line, didn't expect that feeling

Struck down by wave of a music they played.

And then backstage where I got so easy

Bottles went round and even some joints

The frontman took me

and started to please me

Before I could tell him I am fruit of his loins.

When he was done I disappeared to the night

To tell him "Hi daddy!" was already late

In a few weeks we'll see if I am allright

I just hope I won't share my mommy's fate.

7. Hero of Canton

He robbed from the rich

and he gave to the poor.

Stood up to the Man

and he gave him what for.

Our love for him

now ain't hard to explain,

The Hero of Canton, the man they called Jayne.

Now Jayne saw the Mudders' backs breakin'.

He saw the Mudders' lament.

And he saw that magistrate takin'

Every dollar and leavin' five cents.

So he said "You can't do that to my people!"

"You can't crush them under your heel."

Jayne strapped on his hat,

And in five seconds flat,

Stole everything Boss Higgins had to steal.

Ref.:He robbed from the rich

and he gave to the poor.

Stood up to the Man

and he gave him what for.

Our love for him now

ain't hard to explain,

The Hero of Canton, the man they called Jayne.

Now here is what separates heroes

From common folk like you and I.

The man they called Jayne,

He turned 'round his plane,

And let that money hit sky.

He dropped it onto our houses.

He dropped it into our yards.

The man they called Jayne

He turned 'round his plane,

And headed out for the stars.

He robbed from the rich

and he gave to the poor.

Stood up to the Man

and he gave him what for.

Our love for him now

ain't hard to explain,

The Hero of Canton, the man they called Jayne.

8. Woodcutter

One by one, left by right

Cut the tree with bare hands I might

I am not a man like all the rest

As I am walking through forest

There in a woods she was sitting there

She looked shy as a bonny black hare

I showed her my muscles

and shouted aloud

"I am the woodcutter!"

Ref.:Things in the woods can be mean

But I am not afraid of wild

Nothing grows where I've been

If you start a fight you shall die

Step by step she went down on me

Just like in my fantasy

Her eyes were green and hair was red

I thought she would give me a head

.But as I dreamt 'bout oral sex

She cut off my wood with my own axe

I cried as I heard her say

"I am the woodcutter, yay!"

Things in a woods can be mean

But without a wood I am mild

Nothing grows where it has been

If you start a fight

I shall cry...

9. Afterlife

Oh Death, would you walk the way with me?

Oh Death, what's the secret what would be?

Oh Death, would you take me by your hand?

Oh Death, would you help me to understand?

Ref.:Just like a little crow fallen from it's nest

Just like a little crow fallen from it's nest

Just like a little crow fallen from it's nest

Just like a little crow fallen from it's nest

Oh Life, would you walk the way with me?

Oh Death, what's the secret what would be?

Oh Life, would you take me by your hand?

Oh Life, would you help me to understand?

10. Tree

When I was just a boy

my father planted down a tree

Told me "It will grow as you do too."

And on his death bed

when his spirit was set free

he looked out of the window

where it grew.

Ref.:Tree of the dead behind the gate

Reminds me it might have been too late

"My branches waiting for you,

patiently waiting for you."

Then we had a war,

didn't have nothing to eat

Money was low we were kind of down

There were no jobs

so I was forced to steal

Hiding in a tree in it's big crown.

I was brought to court

and brought before the judge

There's no justice waiting for me

My height is about right

so now I am gonna hang

On a branch

of my father's tree.

11. Hangman

Can you hear them calling?

Does the ticket bear your name?

Were you marked a traitor?

Are you now what they call a fair game?

So let me tell you a different story.

You can look on brighter side

Insead of being chained

you can commit a suicide.

Ref.:Hangman! Hangman!

Who's another body?

Hangman! Hangman!

Who's another victim?

And the crowds are waiting for a show.

There's a fire in the streets

and clanging of the steel

Cold sweat running down your spine

that's how this revolution feels

If you refuse to be a victim

and the time has come to run

But it's hard to move

at the point blank of the gun.

Famine and the anger

are roaming through the streets

Pestilence and blood

that's where this revolution leads

The sharp noose on your neck

so rise up on your feet

Walk up on your stage

give your audience a greet.

12. U Dunaje mezi poli

Neplakej má milá že sa budu bít,

Císař pán nám káže Turka porazit,

Neplakej má milá že sa budu bít,

U Dunaje mezi poli.

Nezmárníš ty Turka, zmární tebe on,

Nikdo neuslyší náš svatební zvon,

Nezmárníš ty Turka, zmární tebe on,

U Dunaje mezi poli.

Šepotá si vítr, šepotá si chrást,

Šohaj mrtvý leží padl za svou vlast,

Šepotá si vítr, šepotá si chrást,

U Dunaje mezi poli.

Šepotá si zima, šepotá si mráz,

Přišel Turek jednou, přijde Turek zas,

Šepotá si zima, šepotá si mráz,

U Dunaje mezi poli.

Selection of Grapes

1.Fiddle Fey

We had a gig, last in a row

Another street, another town

Worn was the pick and tired was bow

Even the upbeats were feeling down

Then she came with a fox red hair

Out of nowhere and said: "Hi guys."

She brought a fiddle and all the men there

Have been thinking 'bout some pickup lines.

Hey fiddle fey, violin woman

Under your bow, music never dies

Hey fiddle fey, violin woman

Play on our souls, until sunrise

I told me mateys "Hey! She is mine!"

But all of them have claimed the same

She just smiled and drank some wine

Foxie way too hard to tame

Pipes had roared and fiddle has sung

Sparkling was the mandolin

I swear to god that I wasn't drunk

But all I could think about was plain sin

On the next morning she wasn't there

No one even seen her dissappear

She was a fairy so I guess it is fair

to thank her for the best tunes I could hear

Musicians, fellas I am talking to you

If you will play and she comes by

There's just one thing I want you to do

Give her a kiss and say that I say "Hi!"

2. Four Raven Feathers

As I was walking all alone

I met the laidy fair

Four raven feathers

She had in her hair

All the ravens looked at me

looked at me and cried

Four Raven feathers

looked at me and cried

She looked right into my eyes

And tolde me that she's ghost

Four raven feathers

But her that I want most

Now I am lying in my bed

And soon her I would see

Four raven feathers

Are there still with me

3. Irskej Folk

Když na flétnu hrát neumíš

a housle jsou ti na obtíž,

tak na bodhran se naučíš

a hraješ irskej folk

a postavíš si kapelu

co stejně půjde do kelu,

však zatím je vám do zpěvu

ať žije irskej folk

hop hop hej!

a představení začíná,

jen zjistit, kde je příčina, že lidi chybí

hop hop hej!

raj hudbo jako o život

za pivo pro těch pár, kterejm se to líbí.

nač se trápit s playlistem

jen dáme Cooley's s Morissonem

Tam Lin, Kesh jig, Foggy Dew,

vždyť to je irskej folk

a DADGADová kytara

se o doprovod postará

ten, kdo se s tím moc nepárá

tak hraje irskej folk

houslista song neuhod

tak hraje aspoň doprovod

a i ten jako podle not

a že prej irskej folk

a všechny tyhle kapely

jsou stejný, nudný, nesmělý

a moc si lezou do zelí,

jó českej irskej folk.

hop hop hej!

a představení začíná,

jen zjistit, kde je příčina, že lidi chybí

hop hop hej!

raj hudbo jako o život

za pivo pro těch pár, kterejm se to líbí.

tvá kapela je unikum

a kvalitou se blíží snům

však ňák jí chybí publikum

no co chceš, irskej folk

ani hospody vás nechtějí,

že muzikanti hodně jí

a tak se vzdáváš nadějí

na funkční irskej folk

a tak to jde už ňákej rok

pár stovek štací, pár set slok

a jen pár korun skrejvá blok

že prej kapelní bank

tak zapojíte nástroje

a začnete hrát ve stoje

a čáry máry čím to je

je tu irskej punk!

Hey ho, let's go!

muzika se nemění

a furt to není umění,jak by sis přál

Hey ho, let's go!

ale tohle poznání

vám vůbec nebrání dělat kravál.


1. Johnny I hardly knew ya

Where are your legs with which you run? Hurroo! Hurroo!

Where are your legs with which you run? Hurroo! Hurroo!

Where are your legs with which you run? When first you went to carry a gun

Indeed your dancing days are gone

Johnny I hardly knew ya

Ref.: With guns and drums and drums and guns, Hurroo! Hurroo!

With guns and drums and drums and guns, Hurroo! Hurroo!

With guns and drums and drums and guns, the enemy nearly slew ya

Hey! Johnny I hardly knew ya!

You got no arms you got no legs. Hurroo! Hurroo!

You got no arms you got no legs. Hurroo! Hurroo!

You got no arms you got no legs. Youre a boneless, spineless, chickenless egg

You got to be put with a bowl to beg. Johnny I hardly knew ya!

Where are your eyes that looked so mild? Hurroo! Hurroo!

Where are your eyes that looked so mild? Hurroo! Hurroo!

Where are your eyes that looked so mild?

Where are your eyes that were so mild, when my poor heart were first beguiled

Why did you run from me and a child? Johnny I hardly knew ya!

I am happy for to see you home. Hurroo! Hurroo!

I am happy for to see you home. Hurroo! Hurroo!

I am happy for to see you home, from the isle of Ceylon

Johnny I hardly knew ya!

2. King of fairies

In a corner of the room, there’s a broken golden throne

Skinny shaking figure, making painful moans

Twitchy in the face, madman in the eye

Suddenly bursts out laughing – and ends up in the cry

His hand is pro’bly holding a cup of poisoned wine

his overgrowing beard is drooling with a slime

his tongue is kinda yellow, insane eyes are red

his finger starts to point – and someone will be dead

Ref.:Well, everybody sees that king don’t feel so well

Sitting on his throne, laughing like a hell

A-skip-a-dilla, tralla-lila, lea-lala-lee

is there any way to set the king free?

For I’m the king of fairies and my kingdom shall prevail.

Whenever I go to sleep on my soft and velvet cushion

I can‘t tell a joke from a royal execution

everybody’s singing, just jester laughs no more

he’s got problems with sitting,

'Cause I made him be my whore

I’ve got a funny story, and it’s really nice to tell

I’ve got lonely prisoner, sitting in my cell

but instead of taking him to the gallows pole

I made him mask of iron, just forgot the breathing hole

Suddenly theres knocking at the door

Please, send no doctors, no more

„People are not happy to pay taxes, as it seems.“

„I don’t give a damn, take them to the guillotine.“

„People are not happy that they have to pay the toll.“

„Well, I don’t give a damn, just let their heads roll!“

3. Mrs. McGrath

Now, Mrs. McGrath, the sergeant said,

Would you like a soldier of your son Ted?

With a scarlet coat and a big cocked hat,

Now Mrs. McGrath, wouldn't you like that?

Now Mrs. McGrath lived on the seashore

For the space of seven long years or more,

Till a great big ship came sail into the bay,

Says, It's my son Ted, will you clear the way,

Oh captain, dear, where have you been,

Have you been sailing in the Meditereen,

And have you any news of my son Ted,

Is the poor boy living or is he dead?

Well, up comes Ted, without any legs,

And in their place was some wooden pegs.

She kissed him a dozen times or two,

Saying, My God, is it you,

Now were you drunk, or were you blind,

When you left your two fine legs behind,

Or was it from walking upon the sea,

That took your two fine legs away?

No, I was not drunk, and I was not blind

When I left my two fine legs behind,

A cannon ball on the fifth of May,

Took my two fine legs from the knees away

4. Crossroads

Stay a while, ye good old stranger

Leave the memory

Of a fair young maiden

Buried under willow tree

Stay a while and say your prayers

Leave her soul to rest

Like the beating heart

Ripped out of bleeding chest

5. Vargtimmen

Det är i själva hjärtat

lögnen bor, och svek

Hur kan jag därom tala

vist, med mildhet?

Jag svär att jag då aldrig

velat göra ont

men vart jag än ser nu

och om jag än ber

Så gör jag dig illa

Natten är stilla,

men syndaren är vaken

och vargtimmen här

Jag har sagt att jag dig älskar;

det är också sant

Men jag kunde också säga

att jag älskar en ann'

Jag ville henne äta

med drägelkäft; en ulv

skulle också göra det

för dess egen skull

I min ensamhet --

för ingen annan vet --

jag älskar ju båda

och plågas av det --

utan ett straff

utan en skuld?

Bara ett jag minns, är

att vargtimmen finns.

Får jag komma till dig?

Blott en liten stund.

Luther har gått hem och

jag vill kyssa din mund.

Sen ska jag bestämma --

det finns ännu tid.

Jag ser väl vad som händer,

det är mitt liv.

Innan denna dag

jag såg mig som ett lamm

och så vill jag vara

och så vill jag bliva

Jag vill kvitta lika,

att det ska ge vika

och nu uppstiger solen

och vargtimmen flyr

7. Veneric Disease

Came home from my day job, had fistful of money

I was looking to make love, but my wife was dry

So I'm drinking whiskey, drowning all my sorrows

then it came up to my mind where my bird can fly.

Down in dirty alley, where's the famous nest of whores

I spotted a red-head one, with apples I could seize

I said "I got money, we can make some merry"

She said "give me twenty bucks and do me as you please.

"When my sack was empty I felt kind of itchy

she was lying on her back and I was at ease

Opened the door at home and there I see my wife

"My honey, well, I carry now a veneric disease."

8. Drinking Song

Once I fell in love with a woman

Thought I’d get awfully rich

but in time it surprisingly

turned out that she’s freaking witch

I’m a big man, who is stronger

I just love to brag and boast

Let’s raise cups into the air, it’s

time for another toast

Ref.:Ho, ho, let’s go drinking

Ho ho, one more ale

ho ho, let’s go drinking

right before it is too late

I was walking my way home

I was walking all alone

it was in the middle of the winter

and there was some falling snow

It was waiting on the road

hidden right behind old tree

ugly creature that could kill you

before you count one, two three!

Let’s raise cups into the air

Sing ourselves a cheerful song

Bartender, this liquor’s good

Bartender, this liquor’s strong

It’s my turn to tell the tale

I warn you, it’s really scary

If you’re one with weak heart, you might

end up in the cemetery

9. Whores of Baltimore

There are four whores of Baltimore

Drinking the blood red wine

And all the conversation was

“Yours is smaller than mine.”

You’re a liar.” said the first whore,

“Mine’s as big as the sea

The ship sails in, the ship sails out

Never troubles me.”

Ref.:Roly, poly, tickle my hole-y,

Smell of my slimy slough,

and drag your nuts across me guts,

I’m one of the whorey crew.

“You’re a liar,” said the second,

“Mine’s as big as the air

The birds fly in, the birds fly out,

And never touch a hair.”

“You’re a liar,” said the third whore,

“Mine’s as big as the tomb,

the corpse fall in, the corpse fall out,

but never touch the womb.

Right to ye all

you sons of whores

yours are smaller than mine

mine is bigger than yours

“You’re a liar,” said the last whore,

“Mine’s the biggest of all,

a man came in on the first of June,

and it didn’t come back till fall.”